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Recreated from the ancient texts of Silvestri Carnivalis, the new-old tumble
race will now be a game of strategy and skill, both offensive and defensive,
with the use of various jesterly props!

Tumble races comprise a series of laps around a course. The course and number
of laps will be described at the beginning of the race (for example, from
outside the Vundamere fishing shed, proceed clockwise around the lake, for 3
laps). Adventurers will then tumble around the route in a battle of speed and
skill, with the option of using special prank items to boost their progress or
hinder their opponents.

JOIN TUMBLERACE        - Join the fun!
QUIT TUMBLERACE        - Leave the race.
WHERENEXT              - Just in case you're lost!
RANKINGS TUMBLERACE    - To see the scores!

Each time you complete a lap of the course, you will gain a special tumble race
prank item, randomly generated from this list:

Tumble Race Prank items

Firecracker      - THROW FIRECRACKER <dir>
Effect: Stuns and interrupts the tumbling of participants in that room. 1 room

Concussion Bomb  - THROW CONCUSSION AT <competitor>
Effect: Stuns and interrupts the tumble of a single participant from anywhere
in the race. The target will receive a message when the bomb is thrown and the
bomb will explode a few seconds later.

Balloons         - N/A
Effect: Balloons will increase the speed on the next two tumbles by 50%. This
effect is applied when the item is received.

Banana Peel      - DROP BANANAPEEL
Effect: Places a banana in the room, causing the next person who tumbles into
the room to slip on it and be knocked off-balance. Lasts 30 seconds if it
hasn't been hit.

Confetti         - THROW CONFETTI
Effect: Throw confetti into the air, surrounding yourself in a whirling
maelstrom of colour. This effect will prevent the ill effects of the
firecracker, concussion bomb, and banana peel for ten seconds.

Web Bomb         - N/A
Effect: The booby prize! This will instantly coat you in sticky webbing, which
will need to be WRITHEd out of before continuing the race.

Other Notes

If you already have a tumble race prank item in your inventory, you will not
gain another when you complete the next lap. So, for instance, you can't save
up a concussion bomb and firecracker to use at once.

Tumbling off the course will result in a small balance penalty as you are moved
back to the room you tumbled from. While the course is relatively easy to
remember, there may be a time when you forget where you are, or where you have
to go next. Simply use the WHERENEXT command to see where to tumble next.