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17.2.13 Treasure Hunts

At the beginning of our quinquagenary years (year 300, year 350, and so on), and on other very special occasions, all adventurers are treated to a very special world game: a treasure hunt!

During a treasure hunt, special prize-laden gift bags are magically buried across mainland Sapience. Treasure hunters can DIG to uncover the hidden prizes.

Compete against other adventurers in a frenzied scramble to uncover these buried troves, which contain prizes from curatives and gold to major artefacts! The treasure hunt continues until the last bag has been unearthed by agile hands... everyone can participate and have the chance to walk away with untold riches as a result!

A few specific things to know:

 * You do not need a shovel nor any other special equipment
   to be able to DIG during a treasure hunt!
 * Traits, skills, and artefacts that affect your balance will
   not help you dig any faster during a treasure hunt.
 * You will not find bags buried in indoor rooms, the wilderness,
   ships, newbie areas, or within any org-affiliated area such as
   a city or temple.