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12.3.6 Targossas, the Dawnspear

Located on the eastern coast of Sapience, the island province of Targossas is a
sprawling municipality for the followers of Good. Founded by the Divine will of
Aurora, Goddess of Light and Deucalion, the Righteous Fire, the Dawnspear
stands as a guiding beacon to those who would fight for the advancement of

Targossas was founded in the year 618 AF, when the Bloodsworn Gods drove the
Sword of Dunamis deep into the belly of the southern Zaphar River, inexorably
altering its flow and creating a new river. Along its course, the newly formed
Silverveil gathered islands into its midst; these isles now comprise the
glorious Dawnspear.

In the year 623, Targossas took its place among the other powers of Sapience as
an official city-state. Governed by the Divine-appointed Dawnlord and council
of Lumarchs, the city now welcomes the most pious of Achaeans into its fold.
Scholars and warriors alike may find a home in the Dawnspear, among those who
vow to uphold the ideals of Good, Light, and Righteousness.