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17.1.7 Party Duels

ES <arena>

A party duel is quite simply a duel between two parties of adventurers. Each
adventurer who is killed in the arena is removed completely, and the party
that first defeats all members of the opposing party are declared the

Party duels may be fought at the Matsuhama arena in Delos, and cities have
the option to purchase the game for 3.5 million gold. To form a party duel,
you must group into two parties using the party system (HELP PARTIES) and
meet at the Arena Staging Grounds. All members must be present, have full
health, and be ungraced. Each should also have the appropriate amount of
gold out, which is the same as for a duel. Then one member of one party
should challenge one member of the other party using CHALLENGE <name> AS
PARTY. Once the duel begins, ES <arena> will display information on the

At this time, the max number of adventurers per team in a party duel is 4.
You can have a 1v2, duel, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 2v3, 3v4, or 2v4. In a 1v2 duel,
someone from the 2-member party must issue the challenge to the solitary
combatant, not the other way around.

A party duel is a duel between two parties of no more than 4 adventurers in
each. Parties are formed using the system in HELP PARTIES.
CHALLENGE <name> AS PARTY at the Arena Staging Grounds with all members
present to begin.
Price is the same as it would be for a standard duel.
ES <arena> during the game to view parties.