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17.3.2 HOT BERET

The game of Hot Beret was invented by a mortal named Shard. This rather
amusing game is played like the more common game 'Hot Potato.' In this game,
which is generally, but not always, supervised by a God, a beret is
requisitioned to be the object of the game.

The rules are simple. First, the boundaries of the game are set. For instance,
those playing may decide that all action must take place within the city of
Hashan. Then, a time limit for the game is set, generally no more than a few
minutes. One person starts with the beret, and the goal is simply not to have
the beret when time runs out. Generally, you are not allowed to use
invisibility, flying, or any other ability that would make you inaccessible to
some of the other players.