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17.1.8 Champions VS Assassins!

The game of Champions VS Assassins is played much like King of the Hill,
except for these differences:

1. There is no Hill or Flag. Instead, there is a Blade of the Masters that
   is dropped at a random location in the arena once the game begins.

2. Instead of RED TEAM and BLUE TEAM, the teams are ASSASSINS and CHAMPIONS.
   They are still colour-coded red and blue, however.

3. Whoever holds the Blade gains points for their team. You don't have to
   plant a flag, or get to the Hill. All you need to do is hold the Blade. So
   if the opposing team holds the Blade, you have to kill whoever holds it, and
   if your team holds the Blade, you have to defend the Blade holder.

4. While you are holding the Blade, you will be under the aeon/retardation
   effect. You cannot get rid of it except by losing the Blade.

5. The Blade is like the Flag in King of the Hill. If you die, you lose it.
   If you fly, you lose it. If you phase, blackwind, et cetera, you lose it.

6. If you WIELD the Blade, you can SLASH <name> for an extremely powerful 
   hit! And we do mean powerful!

7. Use AT instead of KT, ARENAWHO instead of KWHO.

8. ES <arena> and ARENA SCORES <arena> will have useful information once the
   game is started.